Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Favorite Pictures of Summer #5

Angles Landing is one of the most crazy hiking trails I have ever been on. I had been to Zion National Park before, but had hiked the Virgins Narrows instead, which is also a great hike.

So why is this trail crazy? Actually a huge percentage of the trail is not bad, the trail is located on a huge fin of Navajo Sandstone located in the middle of Zion Canyon, so the different viewpoints of the canyon are incredible. Highlights along the trail are Refrigerator Canyon (a much needed cool and refreshing shady spot, photo 2) and Walters Wiggles (crazy switchbacks, photo 3). The real test of this trail comes when you decide to hike to the very, very top and is known as "the chains".

This part of the trail left me breathless! I am a normally sure footed and a confident hiker, but this trail made me have second thoughts. I was hiking with a group of people who told me if I turned around now that I would regret getting close but not finishing the trail. Lets just say, I held on to the chains very tight, but I made it to the very top and was rewarded with wonderful views of Zion Canyon.

Luckily coming down, I could slowly and comfortably take my time and even took my picture in the steepest part of the trail, a shear 1,500 ft drop on both sides! I am glad I did the trail and look forward if ever in Zion National Park again, to complete the trail again. This is another one of those mout do trails for geologists.

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