Monday, August 4, 2008

I love mud!

I know this is not what you were thinking when I said I love mud. Growing up, I was the type of girl, who liked dirt bikes, go carts, Monster Trucks, Winston Cup, etc. Hence, I am a geologist now. My dad used to have a '72 half ton long bed Ford that I secretly wanted to fix up with paint and rims, but that was when I was 16 or so, now I couldn't even imagine how much gas it would take to fill the two tanks it had. I will take a small car any day!

I remember watching mudbogs when I was 8 years old on TV, but I had never been to one, until Sunday night, the last day of the local fair. I was excited! If you know me, I actually like things dirty, like I never wash my car. I just think it is a waste of water. Here comes the geological part, when I was in Death Valley in February 2007, it had rained a 1/2 inch the night before and the next morning we were going to visit Mosaic Canyon. I had never seen muddy water running though the canyon, most of the people in the group didn't want to get wet, but me in my shorts and gore-tex boots, just stomped through the water. It was a blast, so see why I like mud!

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