Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Field Work #1

I tried to due some field work in early June, as you can see from the above photo of my area, I experienced rain the entire time. Even with excellent rain gear, it is still not fun to work in a constant rain when it is 40 degrees. It would of been better if it would of snowed. Who would of figured that California would be rainy in June and it wasn't related to thunderstorms!

The above picture is of a wet enclave with crenulated margins. It is hard to distinguish between the different types of enclaves when wet. So far the total different number of encalves is five. The lower picture is my homemade net to point count enclaves in the talus slopes of each dome. (A quick reminder, there are six different domes at Chaos Crags) The grid is 1m by 1m and the spacing is 1 in apart. It is constructed out of rope and string and at each cross point to make the grid rigid, I applied superglue to both sides of the grid. I did not want to make a rigid grid since I have to hike miles over rough terrain, this way it is easy to stick in my backpack.

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