Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tuff Cones!

The photos in today's blog are my traverse on top of Prisoners Rock.

This photo shows some of the palagonitic rock (orange rust color). Palagonite is a hydration and oxidation of volcanic rocks.

This is the view across the entire tuff cone. The vent area is buried somewhere out in the middle.

This is a piece of juvenile lava that was erupted out. When dealing with phreatic eruptions, it sometimes is problematic to determine if the lava erupted is juvenile or non juvenile. A clue is that juvenile lava is very fragile and has a cauliflower texture.

This is a view to the north showing The Peninsula, a bigger tuff cone in the distance.

Here is the entire view of The Peninsula. It is roughly the same age as Prisoners Rock, but once the tuff cone was above lake level, a small lava lake formed and is represented by the small ledge in the left middle of the photo.

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